Allow me to introduce myself:

I am the man behind the camera of Adventures in Caring’s videos and it has been my privilege to work with Simon and Karen Fox for over 25 years – producing, editing and scoring music.

My name is Bent Sten Myggen.
Born and raised in Denmark.
On the masthead picture of this blog I am the one without a tie – in the company of my good friend in Denmark, Jan Blaabjerg, MD. You can also see me trying out my magic flying carpet skills in the picture above.

I have been lucky.
It has been my privilege to be alive for 71 years and meet many amazing teachers.

  • I have climbed Moses’ mountain for an Easter morning sunrise.
  • Trekked the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains,
  • Sailed up the Nile River,
  • Climbed the Cheops Pyramid.
  • Spent a month in the Greenland Arctics.
  • Stood on top of the Eifel Tower
  • Visited the N.Y. Twin Towers,
  • Skied in the Alps
  • Made love in tropical oceans.
  • Met with scientists, holy men & women, teachers, famous stars, fools and geniuses – all with a story to tell.
  • I’ve lived and worked in many countries, some free societies, some not.
  • Composed hundreds of music titles & songs and performed for thousands at a time.
  • As Win/Win Productions & VisionEars, I’ve produced over 200 documentaries and films.
  • I have a son and a loving partner.

Angels must have been hard at work – looking out for me all of my life.
I’m simply amazed to still be here.

I see the mountains
And the seas
I see the stars at night
And feel the cooling breeze.
I’m just a passenger like you
and take each breath thinking
What else is here for me to do?


Coming for to take me Home

by Bent Myggen, BMI | I could be Crazy