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Welcome to the human side of health care

If you are looking for resources to improve communication—with patients, their families, or among your team—you’re in the right place.

We teach the art of connecting with people who are suffering (including yourself). This personal, subjective art is the essential, but often forgotten, complement to the impersonal, objective science of medicine. It is the foundational skill of relationship-centered care. We have simply taken the mystery out of learning and teaching it.


Simon Fox speaks to instructors about Compassion Fatigue and the in-person Oxygen for Caregivers program 

“This video series would enlighten not only physicians and nurses, but has a place as a cornerstone of education for the entire multi-disciplinary team.”

P.J. Woods, PhD, MBA, RN, Assistant Professor

University of New Mexico College of Nursing

Benefits from the Cultivating Compassion series:

  • Improved patient satisfaction scores
  • Better staff performance and job satisfaction
  • Marked improvement in staff morale and teamwork
  • Reduced turnover and the retention of your best people
  • Improved patient safety
  • Rapid service recovery when things go wrong
  • Conservation of organizational resources
  • Less absenteeism
  • Reduced risk of litigation
  • Better word-of-mouth about your organization

For the Instructor:

  • Starting a crucial conversation in a constructive and non-threatening way.
  • Your team will remember that you care about them, professionally and personally.
  • Inspire and make a lasting difference in the quality of life for those you work with or teach, as well as those they serve.

A short overview of the Oxygen for Caregivers online program for the individual caregiver & first responder

“Compassion is like oxygen. It’s invisible and seems like no big deal—until you can’t get any.”

Simon Fox, Executive Director and content author

Adventures in Caring Foundation

The Communication Secrets of Gifted Healers
Distilled into Four Core Principles

We made these principles visible, practical and teachable, and continually refined them for 35 years to produce an award-winning gold standard.

Now, anyone can learn how to relate and communicate with a precision that restores well-being—in both the care provider and the care receiver.

Any instructor or team leader now has the tools to teach the very thing so many have considered unteachable: how to communicate the invisible essence of compassion.

The Cultivating Compassion series is a powerful tool to build a culture of compassion and well-being. Each module can be a stand-alone training session or, when combined, the three DVD-based modules become a transformative course that produces lasting behavioral changes—improving the ability to relate to those who are suffering (including yourself).

Both staff and patients thrive in a culture of compassion. Here are the programs to build the skills that consistently produce the experience of compassion, even under difficult circumstances, while sustaining each caregiver’s capacity to care year after year.