Teaching the Art and Practice of
Communicating With Compassion since 1984

Yes, compassion can be taught—as a skill that enables healing.

STUDENTS who will become our future doctors, nurses and allied health professionals build emotional maturity, communication skill, and capacity for compassion—before their professional training begins. They learn by volunteering for one year in nursing homes through our award-winning, service-learning internship in relationship-centered care.

PROFESSIONALS on the front lines of health care improve their ability to communicate with patients and each other, to build the healing partnerships that restore well-being. They also gain tools to guard against burnout, build resilience, and sustain their compassion.

INSTRUCTORS and team leaders of health professionals, pre-professionals and community volunteers gain ready-made, multidisciplinary trainings that inspire, inform and make communicating compassion a visible, practical, teachable skill that anyone can learn.

ELDERS who are chronically ill and facing the end of life alone are befriended by our student volunteers who have developed the ability to listen from the heart—at a standard that reduces distress and restores well-being.

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How To Teach Compassion?

We Offer Powerful Tools for Health Care Professionals, Community Caregivers, and Student Volunteers.


Compassion is the wow factor in health care. Yet, how to teach compassion has remained a mystery to most organizations. Adventures in Caring has solved this problem by making compassion visible – with unscripted examples captured live on video. Discover four core competencies that give patients the experience of compassion and create a training methodology that everyone can use to improve their ability to communicate and sustain compassion—even in difficult circumstances.
Our programs have proven successful for over thirty-five years!


Gifted caregivers do something more than give assistance and information—they bring the healing presence of compassion to those who are suffering. You can cultivate this capacity for compassion in your group with two DVD-based programs that inspire, inform, and lead to greater well-being for caregiver and care-receiver alike. These programs have been used to inspire volunteers, congregations and family members in more than 4,000 faith and senior communities, and 2,000 hospital and hospice volunteer programs.


For undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in the health professions. This is a one-year service-learning internship in relationship-centered care. In-depth training, weekly visits with the sick and injured, regular reflection, and year-round coaching develop the advanced listening skills, emotional maturity, and compassion so vital to healing. Such competencies in the art of connecting with those in pain, reduce distress, relieve social isolation, and restore well-being to hundreds of frail elderly patients in local skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory care units.


Oxygen for Caregivers
Your Toolkit to Guard Against Burnout,
Build Resilience, and Sustain Compassion

This course is for everyone on the front lines of health care:
nurses, physicians and allied health professionals—including first responders—everyone who witnesses
human suffering first-hand on a regular basis.