Have you ever had a doctor or nurse who didn’t listen to you? This program aims to change that—before their career begins. The Adventures in Caring program plays a key role in the professional development of young people who are preparing to enter the health professions. But… to succeed, they need more than college courses—they need you.

Would you like to:

  • Enable a young person to develop the listening skills they will need to form strong healing partnerships with the thousands of people who will eventually be in their care?
  • Share your stories and your hard-won wisdom, and so build a meaningful bridge of goodwill between generations?
  • Welcome a young person into the wider community of the adult world—by simply engaging in a weekly conversation?

Is there room in your life for a new friend?
If so, we have a wonderful opportunity for you to play a key role in a young person’s life.


Sign up here:

Each call is about anything you want to talk about. You have permission to speak completely freely. For as little or as long as you like. To someone who is good at listening and interested in what you have to say. For free: there’s no charge and no strings attached.

This award-winning, intergenerational program, Adventures in Caring, has brought Santa Barbara’s seniors and students together for 38 years.

Its student volunteers are not counselors, but good companions who take an interest in their elders with appreciation and respect. The purpose of these conversations is not so much to solve problems but to discover what you have in common, enjoy each other’s company, and have a life-affirming conversation that’s good for the soul.

If you would like a weekly call:
Click here and complete the sign-up form.

Then we will send you more details and schedule the first call. You will be assigned a particular student who will call you each week.

“The program has been very helpful to me since I lost my counseling services…it feels like a lifeline in a way and it gives me some more peace knowing I am going to have some contact coming.” —Resident 121

“I get different insights from you and I get to share things with you…it’s a very positive program…I’ve really welcomed our phone calls and what I’ve learned from you.”
—Resident 156

“This program has helped me a lot. I don’t receive many calls from people…I was thinking the day before the call, oh, tomorrow I’m going to receive the call. So, I was excited, like a little kid. So, yeah, it helped me a lot.”
—Resident 131

“I really enjoyed speaking to you…you are a good listener…you have brought a lot of joy and happiness into my life, just by talking to you.”
—Resident 105

You are warmly encouraged to join us on this adventure. Feel free to contact me with questions at:

Simon Fox, Executive Director, Adventures in Caring Foundation

Slides with program details for health professionals