Help Us Teach the Art and Practice of Compassion.

Your gift is doubly effective: it reduces distress and rebuilds well-being for hundreds of frail, socially isolated elders. At the same time it builds the core competencies in tomorrow’s health care leaders that ensure the sick and injured in future generations will be treated with compassion.

Your gift honors the past, improves the present, and invests in the future. We earn the funds to cover most of our overhead so that at least 86% of your donation will be committed to this unique program.

Adventures in Caring is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, health and human services organization, based in Santa Barbara, California.
Our programs receive no government funding, they are supported entirely by private donations and private grants,
plus sales of our publications.

100% of all donations go directly into supporting the programs that teach and deliver compassion.
Your support and participation can help to fortify, cultivate, and sustain the practice compassion in health care.