Invest in Compassion

12 Reasons to Invest in Compassion

Compassion—as a practice for lifting the spirits of those who suffer—such compassion:

  1. Transforms suffering. In the company of a great listener, one is no longer facing debility or pain alone.
  2. Lessens the impact of anxiety, depression and distress, when we face a serious illness together.
  3. Restores well-being. The reasons one wishes to be alive are spoken of and heard.
  4. Shrinks our own problems down to size—by putting things in perspective.
  5. Develops lifelong emotional intelligence, listening skills, and the ability to relate.
  6. Corrects misunderstandings—that lead to mistakes, that cause harm.
  7. Protects those who are ostracized, shunned, shamed, coerced, or blamed.
  8. Solves, dissolves, and resolves hard feelings, harsh thoughts and bitter memories.
  9. Is good for the heart.
  10. Brings out the best in you.
  11. Compounds in value, growing from year to year, from generation to generation.
  12. You take it with you, wherever you go.

Your Gift Puts Compassion into Action


  • $50 brightens the day for ten chronically ill, socially isolated seniors.
  • $100 sponsors a nursing student taking the Oxygen for Caregivers online course.
  • $250 gives an undergraduate student their first 20 hours of pre-professional training in relationship-centered care.
  • $500 breaks the social isolation of seriously ill seniors for a whole year, for two.
  • $1,250 sponsors a one-year internship in relationship-centered care, for a student to gain skills that last a lifetime.
  • $5,000 sponsors an entire skilled nursing or memory care facility for one year.

For information on how to make a tax-wise gift of appreciated stock, a bequest, or to make a gift from your donor-advised fund, please contact:
Simon Fox, Executive Director,  (805) 962-4500.

To send a check through the mail, please send it to:
Adventures in Caring Foundation
1528 Chapala Street, Suite 202
Santa Barbara, CA 93101