Volunteer Internship Application

To apply for the Adventures in Caring
service-learning internship,
please fill out the application form below.

We will reach out to you after reviewing your application.
Applicants are selected after a personal interview.

Use this application form to apply for the
Phone-a-Friend telephone companionship program.

Sadly, due to State of California health regulations
for skilled nursing and assisted living facilities,
we are not currently allowed to offer the
Raggedy Companions program.

Volunteer Application Form
Primary (if you have a non-UCSB email address you check regularly, that is preferred)
Primary (the mobile number you will use to make your calls to seniors)
Mailing Address
Street Address
Apartment/Building/Suite #
List one reference who knows you well (not your family or Adventures in Caring staff.) This person should be aware of your communication skills, and either your work in the health/helping professions or your volunteer work.

Where can you be seen?

Please include the full URL to your profile on each site that you would like to share. Choose a site that has a good photo of you (preferably a head-shot).
We value your feedback! Please let us know about anything you like, don't like, or feel should be different.

All of your information is kept confidential and will not be available to any individuals or organizations other than the Adventures in Caring Foundation.
For backup purposes, please take a screenshot or print a pdf of your application.

Note: If you don’t hear back from us within 48 hours of sending in your application, please e-mail: Simon@AdventuresInCaring.org and ask if your application was received. Attach the screenshot or pdf of your application if possible.