Adventures in Caring

Teaching Students the Art of Compassion

and Caregivers the skills to Thrive since 1984

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NEW: On-line learning program for Caregivers and First Responders :

PROFESSIONALS on the front lines of health care gain tools to guard against burnout, build resilience, and sustain compassion. Oxygen for Caregivers is available both as an individual Online program (with CE credits) and as a turn-key, leader-based seminar program complete with handouts & multimedia.

Oxygen for Caregivers is both evidence-based, and a distillation of grassroots wisdom, gained through the long careers of experienced caregivers. What you will get out of it is a vitally new perspective on how to approach the challenges of burnout, compassion fatigue, moral distress, vicarious trauma, and even primary trauma.


-who will become our future doctors, nurses and allied health professionals learn and practice the art of treating patients with compassion.

The Raggedy Program

Adventures in Caring offers a one-year service-learning exploration of the human element in health care, for undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in the health professions.

How it Works

Students are immersed in a best practices adult learning experience that produces real transformation in their ability to communicate with anyone—regardless of age, illness, race, or culture. From your year of service you will gain skills that last a lifetime—you will learn the language of healing.

Win/Win Results

In-depth training, personal interactions with the chronically ill and injured, regular reflection, and year-round coaching develop the advanced listening skills, emotional intelligence, and authentic compassion so vital to healing. Such competencies reduce distress, relieve social isolation, and restore well-being—for hundreds of frail, socially isolated elderly patients in local skilled nursing, assisted living and memory care units.

Those who benefit:


exposed to daily doses of grief & pain gain self-defence ability through our programs.


First Responders

On the front line of human suffering learn to de-stress and re-connect with life.


Learn that “first do no harm” applies to themselves as well.

Medical Students

learn skills that will take them through a life without taking life out of them.


thrive and recieve hope by visits from volunteers, skilled in the Art of Compasion

Elders in Nursing Homes

also benefit from soulful interactions with volunteers, trained by AiC.

Faith-based volunteers

gain confidence to make visits in their communities, and touch those who suffer

Hospice Oranizations

throughout the country use AiC learning programs & videos to deepen their abilities to give compassion.

Hospitals and Nursing Facilities

have less caregivers quit from inability to deal with a high-stress environment.