A Powerful Toolkit to Guard Against Burnout, Build Resilience, and Sustain Compassion

Online Caregiver Edition


Oxygen for Caregivers is a personalized, immersive multimedia experience. Truly a breath of fresh air. Not only in in the myths it dispels, and the antidotes to burnout it gives, but also in the beauty of its production that makes it a pleasure to learn. It is as much an adventure as a course, and a radical innovation in stress reduction—it reduces your stress as you learn.
Oxygen for Caregivers is both evidence-based, and a distillation of grassroots wisdom gained through the long careers of experienced caregivers. What you will get out of it is a vitally new perspective on how to approach the challenges of burnout, compassion fatigue, moral distress, vicarious trauma, and even primary trauma. 
You will see practical examples of how others cope with these hazards. You will learn about the root causes of stress and how to defuse them. Plus, you will have the opportunity to review three core elements of resilience you can build into your life proactively. You end up with a practical, doable plan that’s customized to fit and enrich your unique life.

Online Course. Browser-based. 
Accessible to everyone with a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

→ Evidence-based: practical, easy-to-understand applications of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience.
→ Tools to strengthen the five factors of posttraumatic growth active in people who flourish despite adversity—the ultimate foundations of well-being and resilience.
→ Long enough to gain the traction needed to build new habits that improve your well-being. In steps short enough to fit into the busiest schedule.
→ No scheduling required. You do it at your own pace.
→ 8 hours of continuing education credits, in 20-minute sessions made of 5-minute steps.
→ No new hardware or software needed.
→ High production value makes it a pleasure to learn.
→ Personally meaningful, memorable and inspiring. 
→ Customized to meet your own needs and goals.
→ Participate in a community of fellow professionals who learn, not only from the course material, but also from one anoth

Instructor Edition

Oxygen for Caregivers is a multidisciplinary team-building seminar with three inspiring two-hour sessions that improve morale, performance, and retention. Easy to teach for any instructor, it comes with all the audio-visual and printed materials you need to lead the program and inspire your team.

This program is for everyone on the front lines of health care: nurses, physicians and allied health professionals, including first responders—all who are witness to human suffering on a regular basis. Here is a powerful tool to protect your team from compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout. It is a gift you can give to show you’ve got their back.

Your team learns to:
→ Build three pillars of resilience.
→ Understand the occupational hazards of caregiving and the difference between compassion fatigue, burnout, moral distress, and vicarious trauma.
→ Recognize their own early warning signs of distress and take steps to protect themselves.
→ Make self-care choices they can commit to, because they fit with their own lifestyle and goals.
→ Support one another in creating and sustaining a wellness plan for lifelong well-being.

Oxygen for Caregivers includes:
→ 35-minute documentary-style video.
→ 76-page Workbook PDF file with permission to copy.
→ 76-page Leader Guide PDF file.
→ 5 bonus video clips & 40 Power Point slides.
→ Class formats for three inspiring in-service sessions.
• Real-World Self-Care
• Where Wellness Begins
• The Journey into Wholeness
→ 3 hours of continuing education (California BRN# CEP16529).
→ Video subtitled in Spanish and English.

This unique video-based seminar, four years in the making, is the result of 30 years of pioneering work in the art and practice of treating the sick, injured, and dying with compassion. It is the third and most recent release in the award-winning Cultivating Compassion series for building cultures of compassion.

Oxygen for Caregivers is for nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals, including first responders, social workers, and chaplains.
It is effective in protecting those who work in hospitals, hospices, schools, emergency services,
and a wide variety of religious and family caregiving programs.

Hospices, Pallative & Continuing Care

Improve communication with patients, residents, and their family caregivers. Inspire the staff who deliver the care. Create a better quality of life for those nearing the end of life.Powerful tools that build strong teams and retain top people, in hospice, palliative, skilled nursing, assisted living, and home care settings.

Hospitals &
Ambulatory Care

Get the tools you need to reduce the risk of burnout and compassion fatigue, improve patient satisfaction and patient safety, reduce risks, and retain your best people. Resources for multidisciplinary team building, staff development, and continuing education – to ensure that patients, visitors, and staff experience compassion within the care environment.

Schools of Nursing & Medicine

Inspire your students with real-life examples of compassion applied to the care of self and others. Establish high standards in the soft skills that influence the patient’s experience. Facilitate lively discussions and create safe environments to explore delicate topics such as compassion fatigue. Award-winning instructional tools for schools of medicine, nursing, and allied health.

Emergency &
Disaster Service

Give your team the resources to protect emotional health and make debriefing more useful and productive. Help first responders make better decisions under pressure, remain resilient, and recover from traumatic incidents more quickly. Save time and resources with less sick leave and lower turnover. Tools to support EMS teams, disaster response workers, and volunteers.


Show your team how to put compassion into action, renew their energies, and approach emotionally sensitive situations with confidence. Inspire, comfort, and uplift reliably – without burning out.Resources for chaplains, pastors, spiritual directors, Stephen’s ministers, and caregiving ministries.

What People Say about This Video

“I work with the military, first responders around world, the wilderness medicine community, and emergency physicians and residents at Stanford Hospital. This is a wonderful resource to share with my emergency medicine faculty and residents. Please keep up the good work. It is fascinating and much needed.”

Paul S. Auerbach, MD
Emergency Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine

“This remarkable program, Oxygen for Caregivers, provides wonderful, unrehearsed insights from our colleagues who have successfully coped with stress for decades. I highly recommend it.”

David Chernof, MD
David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine

“These resources are beautifully created and remind us of the importance of self-care. The videos and workbooks provide wonderful tools for all healthcare professionals.”

Pam Malloy, RN, Director
End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC)
American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)

“This was my first time presenting a session on self-care. The Oxygen for Caregivers video made it so easy to do—it made the topic visible. As a result, my group immediately engaged in a spirited, insightful, and healthy dialogue. It was a refreshing experience for all.”

Rebekah “Beka” Riemer, RN,
Intensive Care Unit
Little Company of Mary Medical Ctr. Torrance

“Oxygen for Caregivers was a runaway success when it premiered at our Care4You compassion fatigue conference. I am still receiving rave reviews from nurses, social workers, and first responders. It is a highly useful, much needed resource.”

Françoise Mathieu, MEd
Author: The Compassion Fatigue Workbook

“Working in hospitals for the past 25 years, I see on a daily basis how caring and compassionate staff feel increasingly depleted due to the various competing demands of their work. Oxygen for Caregivers is like a breath of fresh air. It is a comprehensive program filled with practical strategies and focused activities designed for helpers to reconnect with others and themselves.”

Diana Tikasz, MSW
Hospital Social Worker and Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Ontario, Canada