About Us

Adventures in Caring is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, health and human services organization, based in Santa Barbara, California.


Our programs receive no government funding – they are supported entirely by private donations, private grants and sales of our publications.

100% of all donations go directly into supporting the programs that teach and deliver compassion.

2018-2019 Directors


Linda Alderman,

Santa Barbara Women’s Club, President


Jim Blascovich,

UCSB Professor Emeritus, Brain & Psychological Sciences


Paula Bruice,

UCSB Senior Lecturer, Chemistry


David Chernof,

UCLA Professor, Doctoring Program (ret.)


Karen Fox

Adventures in Caring Founder


Steve Hoyt,

San Ysidro Pharmacy, Owner & Pharmacist


Shane Pathania

UCSB Mu Delta, President


Sherry Morez,

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Director of Pediatrics (ret.)


Laurie Small

The Samarkand, Executive Director

Student Leadership Team


Shane Pathania

UCSB Mu Delta,


Krishna Balagopal

Outreach Committee


Jesse Basra

Program Documentation Committee


Andrea Ure

Continued Learning Committee


Isabel Arana

Service & Fundraising Committee


Byron Rosenthal

Past President

Special Projects Team and Staff


Bent Myggen

Media production and editing


Mikael Myggen

Graphics and web design


William Moulton

IT design and support


Simon Fox

Executive Director


Natalija Glusac

Financial Director


Anmole Ahdi

Volunteer Coordinator

Supporters (partial list)

Linda Alderman
Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Frances and David Bates
George and Elly Bajor
Beneflex Insurance Services
James Blascovich
Kenneth Browne
Paula Yurkanis Bruice
Liesel Butcher
Kathy Bybokas
Casa Dorinda
Vikki Cavalletto
David Chernof
Paul and Rebecca Choi
Richard Christensen
Marion Chuan
Joan Churchill
Bill and Barbara Cirone
Barbara Clark
Coastal Copy
Steve Craft
Scott and Grace Crudele
Robert Dibley and Laurie Small
Sheri Dillon
Ginni Dreier
Billie Eichinger
Lendon Everson
Regina Fletcher
Diane Galvan
Barbara Giorgi
Kim Gruelle
Margaret Hamister
Heritage House Group
Glen Holden Jr.
Shelby Hughes
Hutton Parker Foundation
Patricia and Philip Hymanson
James S. Bower Foundation
Freia Kalman
Kei Lin Foundation
Latkin Charitable Foundation
Leo S. Guthman Foundation
Debbie Lupeika
Alex Massengale
Virginia Mayer
Mimi Michaelis
Sherry Morez
Jill and Steve Morris
Mu Delta UCSB
Mystical Order of Saint Peter
Paul Nagagaki
Oshay Foundation
Tom Pashalides and Julie Allen
Priscilla Peak
John Rasmussen
Burke Robinson
Paul Ryan
Carol Sauceda
Santa Barbara Foundation
Christiane Schlumberger
Ken and Linda Siler
Ann Terrell
Towbes Foundation
Gerard Unterreiner
Pat and Joe Wheatley
Williams-Corbett Foundation
Bert and Geri Willoughby
Marcia and Bud Wrisley
Charles Zimmer

Special Projects Teams, Committee Members and Advisors:

Isabel Arana
Krishna Balagopal
Jesse Basra
Mauro Casares
Rafael Coelho
Maggie Dennison
Ruth Flores
Karen Fox
Julian Gresser
Irene Hoffman
Bill Moulton
Shane Pathania
Alena Rieger
Byron Rosenthal
Laurie Sanchez
Pat Snyder
Andrea Ure


Planned Giving Advisory Board:

Robert Dibley
Patricia Snyder
Aaron Spechler, CPA


Medical Advisory Board:

Anthony Allina, MD
David Chernof, MD
David Cumes, MD
Stephen Hosea, MD
Debbie Lupeika, MD
Richard Steckel, MD


Oxygen for Caregivers On-screen participants:

Tony Allina, MD
David Balter, MD
Jim Blascovich, PhD
Rachel Brian, RN
Christa Brown, RN
Dan Calderon
Susan Clark, RN
Crystal Crawley, CNA
David Cumes, MD
Charlotte Dullea, RN
Katie Ensor, RN
Sam Ferguson
Karen Fox
Richard Groves, M.Div
Fr. Jon-Stephen Hedges, CTR
Michael Kearney, MD
Sam Leer, LCSW
Nancy Chargualaf Martin
Richardo Martinez, LVN
Veronica Moreno, CNP
Rob Nowaczyk
Michelle Renner, RN
Anu Sharma, MD
Kathy Schwerti, LVN
Tokie Shynk, RN
Radhule Weininger, MD PhD
Adam Whitely