Music has existed in every tribe and at any time of recorded history.  Every race, creed, religion, had music for as long as we have used language, perhaps even longer. Scientist say human beings acquired the ability to speak about 40,000 years ago.  So for at least 40,000 years we have played, sung, made instruments and listened to music.  It was live music, of course, where the players and listeners shared time and space together.

Roughly 80 years ago we started recording, separating the performers from the listeners.  The loop and spiritual connection music once provided, was replaced with the sound of music – delivered like frozen pizza days, weeks or years after its creation. Recorded music can be useful to provide memory, comfort or distraction. Live music connects people in real time with each other – and with the spirit, the Muse of music.

The sound of music is now everywhere – gas stations, supermarkets, in our cars, waiting on hold, standing in elevators, walking with headphones, in restaurants…

Music is much more than sound.