The long-term goal of Adventures in Caring is to produce the materials, methods, and programs that ensure the practice of compassion for the sick will be reliably passed on to future generations of professional and volunteer caregivers—at a standard that demonstrably benefits the healing process—so that the mental, emotional and spiritual distress encountered by those who suffer from illness or trauma is alleviated to the point that their state-of-mind becomes an asset to the healing of their body.

It is this art that we are cultivating—the skillful, active use of compassion to transform human suffering. This is the practical alchemy of compassion as the universal solvent to solve, dissolve, and resolve the hard feelings, harsh thoughts, and bitter experiences of sickness and trauma.


The grief, anxiety, and despair that people so often experience when faced with a serious illness or injury—when facing their mortality—is not a medical problem, and it has no medical solution. There is no pill or medical treatment for this deep-seated loneliness and emotional distress. It is a human problem and the only solution is human contact, with someone who cares, listens, and connects at a deeply heartfelt level.

There is always a point in human experience when all plans, tools, and tactics fail. At this point, the only thing that makes sense is kindness and compassion. This pivotal moment is the place where Adventures in Caring is making a difference in the quality of life.

Karen and Simon Fox:
Founders of Adventures in Caring

from the Latin root compati: ‘suffer with.’
[com—together or with; pati—to suffer or feel intensely]
The art of being with those who are suffering.

The Adventures in Caring Story

Adventures in Caring is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, health and human services organization, based in Santa Barbara, California.
Our programs receive no government funding, they are supported entirely by private donations and private grants, plus sales of our publications.

100% of all donations go directly into supporting the programs that teach and deliver compassion.
Your support and participation can help to fortify, cultivate, and sustain the practice compassion in health care.